The Emperor's New Clothes plus live Q&A

Russell Brand and director Michael Winterbottom answer questions live from Hackney Picturehouse after this special screening.

Maverick auteur Michael Winterbottom’s latest documentary features fast-talking comedian Russell Brand, fronting a hard-hitting polemic on how the rich are getting richer at the expense of the increasingly impoverished poor.

Opening in Brand’s Essex hometown and moving swiftly on to the City and then New York, the film reveals the bewildering truth about widening inequality. Brand explores the effects of the 2008 economic crash, when British taxpayers were forced to stump up £141 billion to keep the banking system solvent, and asks why bankers’ bonuses have continued to mushroom since then. He also questions why this financial debacle turned into a public spending crisis, for which we’re paying the price in cuts to welfare and cultural institutions. Winterbottom previously tackled this subject with THE SHOCK DOCTRINE (adapted from Naomi Klein’s book on ‘disaster capitalism’), and he and Brand are righteously angry.

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