Radical Film Network presents A People Power Double Bill / Q&A

In light of the General Election 2015 results in the UK there was a feeling that the ‘powers-that-be’ had won and that the people were about the face the consequences of this. Has all been lost?

The Radical Film Network has responded by gathering a collection of its affiliated groups together to show through film, the power that the people have when they unite over a common cause for a collective struggle. The People Power event will take place on Thursday 24th September with 6 double-bill screenings of A Time Comes (2009) and McLibel (2005) happening up-and-down the country. The events aim to unite individuals within the screening space and foster dialogues of what we can do as individuals and as collective to effect change. It’s about positivity, unity and struggle.

A Times Comes / Nick Broomfield (2009) / 20 mins
The film documents the story of 6 Greenpeace volunteers who were tried but then a acquitted of showing down a power station in the UK. Their actions were in protest over the Government’s plans to build a series of new, coal-fired power plants despite the on-going climate change battle facing humanity.

McLibel / Franny Armstrong (2005) / 85 mins
This ‘David and Goliath’ tale documents how gardener, Helen Steel and postman Dave Morris, took on one of the largest and most aggressive multinational corporations the world has ever seen – McDonalds – in a court case over free speech… and won.

Tickets required.

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