How To Change The World - Live Premiere

A panel discussion, broadcast live via satellite, will follow the
screening. The panel will feature legendary fashion designer and
long-standing Greenpeace supporter Vivienne Westwood, director Jerry
Rothwell, Robert Hunter’s daughter Emily Hunter and other special guests
to be announced. The event will be hosted by Mariella Frostrup.

In 1971 a brave group of young activists set sail from Vancouver in an
old fishing boat. Their mission: to stop Nixon's atomic bomb tests in
Amchitka, a tiny island off the west coast of Alaska.

It was from these humble but courageous beginnings that the global
organisation that we now know as Greenpeace was born. Chronicling the
fascinating untold story behind the modern environmental movement, this
gripping new film tells the story of eco-hero Robert Hunter and how he,
alongside a group of like-minded and idealistic young friends in the
'70s, would be instrumental in altering the way we now look at the world
and our place within it.

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