Rudzienko plus Q&A

Liverpool Biennial and FACT are delighted to present the first UK screening of Sharon Lockhart’s new feature-length film, Rudzienko, shown on the occasion of her solo exhibition as part of Liverpool Biennial 2014.

Rudzienko is an extension of Lockhart’s relationship with a young Polish woman named Milena, as well as her research on the influential Polish-Jewish pedagogue Janusz Korczak, whose seminal essay ‘Rights of the Child’ celebrates the often-disregarded voice of the child. Lockhart first befriended Milena in 2009 during the filming of Pòdworka in Lodz, Poland. At the time a nine-year-old girl, Milena inserted herself into the film’s making as a sort of impromptu assistant director, helping with casting and choreographing. Now fifteen years old, Milena is currently living in a girl’s home outside Warsaw named the ‘Youth Centre for Sociotherapy Rudzienko’.

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