Luna plus Director Q&A

The third feature from writer-director Dave McKean (THE GOSPEL OF US) also draws on his talents as a celebrated comics creator (Arkham Asylum, The Sandman) and graphic artist (CD covers for the likes of John Cale, Alice Cooper and Tori Amos).

Based on the real-life experiences of a couple McKean knew at art school, LUNA concerns Grant (Daniels) and Christine (Kirwan), who are struggling to come to terms with the death of their baby.

During a long weekend at the isolated coastal house of their old friend Dean (Michael Maloney) and his new girlfriend Freya (Stephanie Leonidas), unresolved affairs, projections and secrets are expressed in a series of extraordinary, hallucinatory dreams, which McKean executes with a truly unique and mesmerising combination of live action, animation and graphics.

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