Cathedrals of Culture 3D

Experimental 3D filmmaker Wim Wenders (PINA) and a team of directors appreciate six architectural masterpieces through a fascinating series of films, brought together here.

Robert Redford elegantly curates a piece looking at the airy, concrete-clad Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. Austrian Michael Glawogger creates an intriguing dissertation on the decidedly Kafkaesque Russian National Library in St Petersburg. Michael Madsen (INTO ETERNITY) focuses on the uniquely unconventional Halden maximum security prison in Denmark.

Even those normally ambivalent towards the structures that surround us cannot fail to be impressed by the sublime resonance and significance that the captivating 3D camerawork gives these landmarks.

The films aim to uncover ‘the soul of buildings’, and investigate the ways that they reflect our culture, with a highlight being Wenders’ exceptionally imaginative look at the Berlin Philharmonic building.

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