A Dangerous Game + Director Q&A

The game here is the superficially benign pursuit of golf. But director Baxter’s coruscating 2011 documentary YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED exposed American leisure-industry tycoon Donald Trump’s plans to build a golf resort on an ecologically endangered section of the Scottish coastline, and this film literally revisits that territory.

This time, while celebrating the success of the Scots’ eight-year battle against questionable political tactics and what campaigners describe as “arrogant, ill-informed billionaires who think they can buy their way into anything”, Baxter also records a remarkably similar struggle taking place near Dubrovnik, again with dire implications for the survival of local fauna, flora and culture.

In both cases public opposition is treated with disdain, and the impact on natural resources – most notably water – ignored, but ultimately truth and reason prevail.

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