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Black History Month Roscoe Lecture

Tuesday 25th Oct. 2016, St George's Hall

As part of Black History Month, PJ Cole of Lifeline Nehemiah Projects, will present a special Roscoe Lecture entitled Transforming Lives Harnessing Talent - Africa's Great Future.

Registration required.

Spencer Leigh and Ian Prowse on Simon & Garfunkel

Tuesday 25th Oct. 2016, Waterstones Liverpool One

Music journalist Spencer Leigh will be discussing his latest book Simon & Garfunkel.

The book is a definitive account of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's career together. With unique material and exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and friends, acclaimed author Spencer Leigh has written a compelling biography of some of the world's biggest musical stars. With remarkable stories about the duo on every page, the book not only charts their rise to success and the years of their fame, but analyses the personalities of the two men and the ups and downs of their often fraught relationship.

As a special bonus the night will also feature an acoustic set of Simon & Garfunkel songs performed by the legend that is Ian Prowse.

Registration required.

Reclaiming The City: From Consultation to Collaboration

Wednesday 2nd Nov. 2016, Victoria Gallery

Engage’s Seminar Series 2016 is focusing on how city centre residents can challenge and change prevailing attitudes around consumerism, individualism and fatalism and in the process become citizens, neighbours and collaborators in governing the city.
The final installment of this transformational series will look at the question of how cities are governed.
The final speaker will be Dr Christian Iaione, who is Professor of Public Law at the Marconi University in Rome and whose final seminar will be about how people are bringing about real change in Bologna and other Italian cities.
Registration required. Attendees will be asked to pay a refundable £2.50 to secure their place at the seminar, this can then be refunded upon registration at the event.

Ignite Liverpool - Inspiring Liverpool

Wednesday 2nd Nov. 2016, LEAF Tea Shop

Ignite showcases Liverpool's movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire.

Registration required.